The word 'ecumenical' comes from the Greek oikos, and refers to the whole household of faith. It is an inclusive word. We understand it at several levels:

  • We recognize that the Body of Christ, the Universal Church, includes all baptized Christians, regardless of denominational affiliation.
  • We actively engage in promoting Christian unity, seeking to join with all Christians in the proclaiming the Gospel, celebrating the liturgy, and realizing the life of Christ.

  • We recognize the work of the Spirit in the faith of people of other religions. We see the divine presence in every human heart, believing that all people are the beloved of God. Therefore, we seek mutual understanding and respect with those of other faiths, through dialogue and mutual cooperation in the endeavor for peace and justice in our world.

  • In short, we understand "ecumenical" as a welcoming word that gives room for all people, wherever they are on their personal journey, to share in a life-giving relationship with us. We are not about drawing lines, which are inevitably used to keep people out. We are about opening our arms to embrace all that God is doing in the marvelous world in which we live.