San Damiano Church is a place of renewal, holding out the hope of both personal transformation and a renewal of the Body of Christ. We seek to be a positive presence in the world, spreading the message of hope, love, unity, and healing for the human family.

Our desire is to:

  • Nurture and guide people in all their relationships - with God, themselves, others, and all of creation - rather than reduce faith to an inward experience of "personal salvation"

  • Focus energy and resources on ministry to the poor, rather than on the internal divisions and power struggles too often found in the Church

  • Recognize and celebrate the presence and work of God in other faith traditions, rather than perpetuate the image of exclusivism, as if Christians have a claim to all truth

  • Freely share the Eucharist (communion) with all who seek Christ in the sacrament, rather than limit access to those who think or live as we think they should

  • Invite all persons to share fully in the life and leadership of the Church, rather than exclude some on the basis of gender or sexual orientation

  • Ordain to ministry as priests or deacons those whom God calls: married or single, female or male

  • Encourage freedom of thought and choice about personal decisions such as birth control

  • Bless committed relationships through the sacrament of marriage, whether or not the persons involved have been divorced or are of the same gender

  • Foster an awareness of the Earth as God's creation, for which we share responsibility as stewards and caretakers, rather than simply as a resource to be consumed

We exist to help bring renewal to the Church!